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Terms & Conditions


The contractor shall carry out and complete landscape works described in the estimate document in a good and workman like manner and shall have no obligation to execute any further work unless otherwise agreed to verbally on site or in writing between the parties. If there shall be any discrepancy between any specification and any drawing, the description contained in specification shall prevail over the drawing.


The contractor reserves the right to increase the value of the contract due to changes in design or materials by the client after work has commenced and may result in change order fees.

Acceptance by either signature or deposit paid of the Proposal/Bid/Estimate involves acceptance of these terms in conditions of the contract documents. This represents a binding contract between the parties. If client pays 50% deposit, client is responsible to abide by the proposal terms, a legally-binding contract. 


The client accepts that he/she will pay the contractor the full contract sum (all costs incurred) together with any tax properly chargeable upon the contract.

Payment for the remainder will be due upon completion. The client will pay any extra works, or costs due to unknown difficulties or changes, additional orders and work completed, which are not within the estimate. If additional material is requested verbally on site by client during installation, client is held responsible to pay for additional labor, material and fees incurred.

Payments are immediately due on receipt of invoice.

The client warrants the site is free of underground problems including pipes, cables, stumps, sewage drains and waste materials. Where problems are found underground the contractor shall be entitled to charge for additional work necessary and properly executed by the contractor to complete the work.

The contractor shall not be held responsible for any delays caused by weather or work performed by other businesses on site which make contract execution impossible.

If Client requests landscape design services in addition to agreed the upon proposal, Client will be billed at the end of completion of project. 


Materials delivered to site become the responsibility of the client. The contractor accepts no responsibility for loss damage or expense after delivery of materials to site for any reason.

Any material brought to, or removed from the site, excess to the contractor’s requirements remains the possession of and removable by the contractor who shall have the right to enter the site for that purpose.

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